With the Costa Fortuna to the Lofoten Islands

Steep mountains, deep green valleys and crystal-clear waters ranging from light turquoise to dark blue: the world of Norwegian fjords and archipelagos is an impressive cruising ground where there is something new to discover on every voyage. During a Norway cruise, the chain of highlights does not break. The landscape of the thousand-island kingdom changes around every bend.

Pandemic determined the course of the NickoVision

Just one more time the chopstick in the nose, 15 minutes wait, then it can finally go to the cabin of the MS NickoVision, which has docked in Frankfurt at the Osthafen. It is the first river cruise in Germany after the last lockdown and all 84 passengers are happy that it is finally starting again. Even if the route is not yet entirely clear. The pandemic is determining the course on the Rhine.

With the "World Voyager" through the Canary Islands

A stiff breeze is blowing as Captain Hans Söderholm steers the World Voyager out of the port of Tenerife at around 8 pm. It is only the third tour of the expedition ship built in 2020, which was able to open nicko cruises' ocean cruising season on April 10, 2021, with an extensive hygiene concept. Thanks to the pandemic, almost a year later than planned. The route leads from Tenerife to La Palma, El Hierro, La Gomera, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. There are 913 nautical miles ahead of us.

It has never been so relaxed on the Douro River

Traveling on the Douro has never been so relaxing! I often hear this sentence on the one-week river cruise with MS Douro Cruiser from Nicko Cruises in Portugal. Corona is to blame or better thanks! Just two ships sail the river from Porto. Otherwise there are 24 jostling at the five locks on the way to Barca d' Alva and back.

Sailing with Star Clipper through the paradise Andaman Sea

"Midship" echoes across the upper deck as the sails flap loosely in the wind. Captain Sergey Tunikov adjusts his RayBan sunglasses and squints into the sun. So do almost all the passengers watching the anchor being raised. The helmsman repeats the command, "Midship Captain!" Slowly, the Star Clipper turns into the wind and picks up speed. The four-master is on its way to its first destination, the Thai island of Ko Butang.
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Course for deceleration

Our one-week voyage on the "Mein Schiff Herz" - a classic cruise ship with flair - takes us from Madeira to Tenerife. But above all, the name of the game on this tour is "set a course for deceleration". Idleness is the order of the day. Just take a break and stare into the horizon and out to sea. Researchers at Erasmus University in Rotterdam have found that conscious idleness is not only very productive for the brain, but also vital.

White dream beaches in the Indian Ocean

It doesn't always have to be the Caribbean: a cruise in the Indian Ocean is at least as exciting, wonderfully colorful and breathtakingly beautiful. Island hopping with the Costa Mediterranea is a wonderful way to escape the European winter. Mauritius, the Seychelles, Madagascar and La Réunion are our destinations.

MSC Bellissima - The gallant giant

It was not my first cruise, but I had not expected this giant, which I saw for the first time in the port of Marseille. There she lay: The MSC Bellissima, one of the largest cruise ships in the world. In numbers: 5,714 passengers, 2,244 cabins, 315 meters long, 43 meters wide, maximum speed 22.7 knots (about 42 km/h). To be honest, I was a bit scared. This place is probably going to be pretty busy, I thought.

Sightseeing in Europe with the AIDAperla

Immerse yourself in another world, enjoy the luxury of a hotel, and wake up every morning in a different country and a different city. Only a cruise can offer all that. Perhaps one reason why the cruise market is booming. We, too, are making our way to the port of Hamburg. The AIDAperla has long since arrived. The latest ship from the AIDA Cruises shipping company is departing regularly from Hamburg this season.

With the "Vasco da Gama" to Scandinavia

Very slowly and quietly at first, but then unmistakably - Captain Andrej Lisnychy sounds the mighty ship's horn of the "Vasco da Gama" three times in Kiel Harbor and then sets sail. A harbor tug accompanies the departure maneuver with water fountains. Great honors for the youngest member of the TransOcean Cruises fleet. The ship is a first-time guest in Kiel. The destinations of this short cruise: Gothenburg and Copenhagen.

On the Danube to the Delta

The deceleration on our Danube journey through seven countries already begins on the day of arrival. The reason for this is that we have booked an overnight stay in a hotel and this time even Deutsche Bahn is playing along. So we can explore Passau's enchanting old town and the Veste Oberhaus at our leisure before setting off on the "nicko Vision" in the direction of the Danube delta. Music lovers should definitely treat themselves to a concert in St. Stephen's Cathedral beforehand, as it houses the largest cathedral organ in the world.

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